The Intensive Dietary Program

The Intensive Dietary Management Program was founded by Dr. Jason Fung, a Canadian, and Toronto-based, Nephrologist and Megan Ramos, the Program Director. Together they have successfully run this program for the past few years in Scarborough, Ontario. This was a physician referral program, for Diabetics and those with Metabolic Syndrome. Currently the Dietary Counselling Program is run online. For more info please visit
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IDM Program Medical Director

Dr. Fung is a Toronto based nephrologist.  He completed medical school and internal medicine at the University of Toronto before finishing his nephrology fellowship at the University of California, Los Angeles at the Cedars-Sinai Hospital. He joined Scarborough General Hospital in 2001 where he continues to practice and is now the Head of the Internal Medicine Department. Dr. Fung has also authored two bestselling books, The Obesity Code, and The Complete Guide to Fasting.

IDM Program Director & Clinical Educator

Megan is the IDM Program Director and Clinical Educator.  She attended the University of Toronto and developed a strong interest in preventative medicine.  She has worked alongside Dr. Fung since 2003 and was the first IDM guinea-pig. Megan leads all the Introductory Dietary Sessions of the IDM program, manages the In-Office and Long Distance Program (LDP), and monitors all of Dr. Fung's dietary management patients. She is also a Medical Researcher and has led, and continues to lead, Medical Research with a special interest in Kidney and Liver Function and Diseases.

 Weight Loss plan with healthy recipes
 Weight Loss plan with healthy recipes
IDM Program Naturopathic Doctor

Doctor Nadia graduated from CCNM in 2004 and has since focused on Nutrition and healthy weight management. For the past 7+ years she has, personally and professionally, adopted an LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) dietary approach to health. She joined the IDM program after meeting Dr. Fung at an LCHF Conference. Dr. Nadia sees patients with Metabolic Syndrome caused by insulin resistance, alongside Dr. Fung and Megan Ramos. These patients include Diabetics, prediabetics, and those with fatty liver disease, obesity, PCOS, hypertension, and the like.

Angel is a scientist and researcher with a M.Sc. in Organic Chemistry. He has adopted a LC/HF lifestyle with intermittent fasting since 2014 and has maintained a weight loss of 75 lbs. After seeing the drastic improvement in his own health, he joined the IDM team to help others realize the benefits and health he’s had.

 Weight Loss plan with healthy recipes
 Weight Loss plan with healthy recipes
Nutritional Educator

Rachel Primo is a clinical associate of Dr. Jason Fung and Megan Ramos since 2006, with a strong interest in diet and preventative medicine. Following the IDM protocols for herself and her family and seeing the positive results, she dedicated her clinical practice to dietary management.

Currently, the IDM Program is an Online Dietary Counselling Program. For more info please visit our site at

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