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At the forefront of Metabolic Syndrome is the developing Insulin Resistance that almost everyone, including you, may face. Insulin is a hormone secreted by the body to deal with the sugars in our blood after eating carbs (as well as proteins to a lesser extent). The body cannot determine where the "sugars" are coming from and it releases insulin in response regardless if these come from "natural" or "other" sources. In other words, if you eat a strawberry yogurt (which has the same amount of sugar) or 2 donuts, the body will respond the same. The more insulin that is constantly released into our system to deal with these sugars, the more our body becomes resistant to it. This is called INSULIN RESISTANCE. Soon thereafter, Diabetes may develop. Insulin's function is to normalize blood sugar levels by converting glucose into energy stores and body fat while at the same time it stops the body from burning fat eventually leading to Obesity. Insulin also directs fructose, or fruit sugar, into the liver to be converted into LDL and Triglycerides. These abnormal lipid levels will lead to dyslipidemia and eventually may lead to cardiovascular disease. Another very important consequence of insulin resistance is its impact on ovulation and fertility. All these conditions affected by Hyperinsulinemia are called METABOLIC SYNDROME. The solution to all of these? A strict Keto Diet and recipes might help.

 Weight Loss plan with healthy recipes
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