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"The Primal Blueprint" by Mark Sisson

Paleo Diet

What is the Paleo Diet?

Another Low Carb "option" but more "liberal" than the Keto Diet. Followers of this WOE (way of eating) often refer to this as a "paleolithic" or "primitive" approach referring to the Paleolithic Era. Likely not as "therapeutic" as the Keto diet for people with Metabolic Syndrome, but an excellent option as a lifestyle approach for those looking for a real or wholefood diet for longevity and disease prevention. The biggest difference between the Keto and the Paleo diet, is that the latter diet encourages an ad lib consumption of root vegetables and fruit. Many people following a Paleo diet may not be looking to get into ketosis. See comparisons below.


Fruit, Root Vegetables, and Dairy

Fruit: In the Paleo Diet ALL fruit is accepted as REAL food and encouraged. The Keto diet encourages the restriction of fruit, and recommends a moderate amount of fruits very low in total net carbs such as berries, olives and avocado.

Root Vegetables: Root vegetables are those grown below ground and are starchier than those grown above ground. Potatoes, cassava, yucca, manioc, carrots, turnips are liberally consumed on a Paleo Diet while restricted on the Keto diet for their higher carb content.

Dairy: There are many "versions" of the Paleo diet, but many followers (e.g. Paleo) avoid animal Dairy (such as cheese, milk, yogurt and cream) while others encourage "raw" dairy. Those that follow a Keto Diet consume high fat dairy products to varying degrees.

Intermittent Fasting and Paleo

Fasting, or following an Intermittent Fasting Protocol, is not dependent on any one specific diet or dietary approach. Fasting can be adapted to any lifestyle.

As such, you can fast whether you follow a Paleo, Keto or any other diet (such as a vegan or vegetarian diet).

Neither the Paleo nor Keto diets define eating windows, how many times, or what time you should eat each day. 

It is likely easier to follow an IF protocol or attempt more prolonged fasting periods if your diet is higher in fat and lower in carbs.

Food List

Real Foods

Albeit more "liberal" than the Keto diet, the Primal Diet recommends the elimination of grains, legumes, as well as seed oils (sunflower, canola, etc). Consumption of Dairy will depend on which version of the Primal/Paleo diet you follow.

Green List
  • All Meats

  • Fish and Seafood

  • Eggs

  • All vegetables and fruit

  • All nuts and seeds


Nothing easier than to choose a few of the ingredients above that you would like, put them together and BAM create a meal. No need for lengthy recipes or complicated ingredients:

                                      RIB EYE STEAK SWEET POTATOSPINACH BANANA = MEAL

Simple, RIGHT?

Even so, here are some LCHF recipes.  

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