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Why not give them the very best start...

Obesity rates are rising in our little ones. Even the kiddies with normal BMI are being exposed to the same diet as everyone else. How long will their little bodies resist? Diabetes and Heart Disease is being diagnosed at earlier ages. Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver disease has become a chronic issue with young people. Kids and teens actually consume MORE SUGAR than the average adult. I know you want to put a stop to this. LCHF can help. Proper medical supervision is always advised.   


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 Weight Loss plan with healthy recipes

The rate of childhood obesity is at an all-time high...the worse news is that with the current dietary guidelines, these rates will keep on going up, along with all the health concerns that come with it. Obesity in kids has been linked to the switch to low-fat milk from the previous whole-milk *only recommendation as well as the overwhelming increase in SUGAR consumption. Basically kids are not getting enough nutrients, but they are getting a whole bunch of empty calories. The biggest problem is the "hidden sugars" found in "healthy" kids' foods like cereals and juices.

The food industry targets our munchkins not only through bright colours and appealing commercials but the food additives they use are highly addictive (not to mention that sugar itself is addictive and all carbs impact the reward centre in our brain). The labelling laws allow companies to state misleading info making parents believe that their foods are "healthy" for kids. Most of the fortified foods that moms and dads buy are actually empty calories (i.e. have little nutrients but lots of sugars and calories). You may not know that a strawberry yogurt has the same amount of sugar as TWO DONUTS, or that a bowl of kiddie cereal with skim milk is the equivalent of a chocolate bar (or 2)! A glass of juice has the sugar content of 7 oranges!!! Watch your baby thrive on LCHF.


and Kids
 Weight Loss plan with healthy recipes
 Weight Loss plan with healthy recipes

Kids' Health

Obesity and diet have obvious effects on our health, but one thing you may not know is how sugars, and specifically fructose, affect your child's liver. The rising number of children with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver is astounding. Fructose (from refined sugars and fruit) is metabolised through our liver and it produces fatty substances such as LDL and Triglycerides. It is no secret that children consume about ten-fold the amount of sugar that their parents consumed at the same age. Unfortunately, their livers are paying the price. 

Dr. Robert Lustig, MD, MSL

Watch Dr. Robert Lustig talk about how eliminating sugar for just 10 days can have a DRAMATIC impact on your kids' lives. 

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