PCOS and Insulin Resistance: Part 7 PCOS and Obesity

Weight, and Obesity more specifically, is a pre-existing and pre-disposing condition and risk factor for many, if not most, of the serious health ailments plaguing us today. BMI will not help determine the type of fat accumulation, and some fat, like fat around the organs, will have a more severe metabolic effect. Nevertheless, BMI is a way of categorizing individuals based on weight and height alone (http://healthland.time.com/2013/08/26/why-bmi-isnt-the-best-measure-for-weight-or-health/). Although there are ethnic variations, obese individuals are at an increased risk for Type 2 Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, and Cancer, among other equally detrimental diseases. Figure 1: BMI Chart (ht

PCOS and Insulin Resistance-Part 6.2 Testimonials Melissa

Melissa’s is also one of my favourite stories, unlike Gabi’s, Melissa’s story was not simple at all. Her journey was convoluted and strenuous, but what I most admire about Melissa is how she took it in stride. Many women face infertility with depression, anxiety and a sense of doom, like I did. Melissa never did. In her own words, “I say I am an exception to the rule. Most women start to deal with infertility when they start trying. I was told at 18 it would be tough so I had such a long time to process and I knew I would be a mother, but I wasn’t going to stress on the how, because I knew it would happen. We filled out the adoption paperwork before starting IVF treatments and decided on onl

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