How flavoured waters might be trouble...

I'm a big believer in clean fasts (i.e. water only between meals). If you like flavour, GREAT. Add it to your meals! Between meals you should FAST. I am not talking about doing extended fasts, just CLEAN between meals (Extended fasts are appropriate in certain settings, with the right supervision). A few weeks ago I had a client who DOUBLED her ketones after stopping flavoured sparkling waters (major fat burning mode). When another one of my clients accepted the challenge to try having plain water only between meals, she sent me this email: " Hi Nadia, You were right about the flavored seltzers! After drinking nothing but water yesterday, I tested my glucose first thing this morning and it w

Testimonials - Holiday Motivation

For those of you looking for some motivation during these "tempting" times of the year, or simply looking for a New Year's Resolution, I am sharing some of my clients' progress here (with their permission, of course). There are so many to share, it's hard to pick, but you can also get a lot more inspiration from our IDM Testimonials, our Community is growing and you can find out how to join here. For a more in-depth Coaching Program, you can book a consult with me here. BETTINA "In April I got my first Dexa scan, 4 months after quitting sugar and flour and one month into IDM program (about 15 pounds down from highest weight). I just got a 6 month follow up and am pretty excited about the res

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