Dairy: An insulin response as high as sugar!

An insulin response as high as sugar! Doctor Nadia shares an unfortunate truth about dairy. I write this note today realizing I might be the bearer of bad news for many of you. Please, don’t kill the messenger ;) When I talk about dairy and its probable effect on your weight, health and insulin production, know that I am sourcing many amazing blog posts written by both Megan Ramos and Dr. Jason Fung. (Blame them, lol.) There is good science behind these words that can be practically applied to your lifestyle, weight loss and/or diabetes reversal journey. Read more here. At some point, I heard something very interesting from Dr. Fung. He mentioned that some people, particularly those who are

Don’t feed the Insulin Beast!

Doctor Nadia explains how to tame those cravings Like many of you, I’m a visual person and use different forms of imagery, analogies and comparisons to help something make sense to a client. I often use the story of “David and Goliath.” This is a Bible story, and although I am not particularly religious, it’s one I think many people know, or at least recognize the analogy. David is the “little guy” and Goliath is the “Giant,” yet David, the underdog, beats Goliath. Sometimes on your health journey, you feel like David, and Insulin seem to be as huge as Goliath. So, how can you be like David? One thing I always tell my client is: if you want to defeat the insulin beast, don’t feed it! Seems

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