The Fear of Eating Fat

The Fear of Eating Fat: When you do a google search on this sentence you get 31,100,000 results (now maybe you will get 31,100,001 results), so what I am saying is that I am not the first or definitely only person/doctor/researcher writing about this. I probably won't add anything new to this conversation but...I am going to write about it anyway, because even though there have been a lot of SMART people writing about this topic, not enough people are taking us seriously. Let's look at the facts about FAT. Fats 101: There are many types of fats, this should not be news to you. Some are considered "good fats" and others are considered "bad fats". Up until now we are all in agreement. When peo


Cooking is the most loving gift you can give yourself and your family: by cooking you are showing love, affection and giving yourself and others the gift of health (if you choose healthy meals that is). Back in the day, eating out, or ordering out, was not an option. People had way too many kids and they did not have the financial means to eat out as much as we now do. Restaurants weren't as accessible. Consequently, people were healthier and shared more meals together. This had all kinds of positive implications. Even for the people doing the cooking. The satisfaction of "nurturing" your family, and knowing exactly what they are eating, was, and still is, important to most parents. The orig


Weight is my thing. This is what most people come to me for, to lose weight. It's what I am really good at. It's what many of my colleagues often say they "hate" to do, and what I say "Send my way!". In my opinion, it is the easiest-hardest thing to do, to lose weight. It is also probably the one thing that can have the biggest impact on our health. I say that with confidence (not to downgrade the importance of exercise and even a healthy diet), but losing weight is the one thing that can be achieved the quickest, with the least amount of "effort", and have the biggest direct effect on your health. I didn't choose it, weight chose me. For the first 9 years of my profession, I lived and work

The Cholesterol Myth

I'm not a Cardiologist, not even a researcher, but my clinical experience and using FOOD as MY medicine has taught me a few things. First of all, prevention is always the best cure. If you eat "right" you can prevent a whole lot of illnesses. There's no argument there. Also, "we are what we eat", another oldie that's a goody! I read an article from a Cardiologist that really hit home for me. It obviously goes along with my beliefs. This is a heated discussion. There are some old school mentalities (and lots of $ interests) that just won't budge on this, so keep your minds, eyes and ears, open. The article I read was from a Portuguese Cardiologist, but there are many similar ones in English b

Dietary Fat DOES NOT cause Cardiovascular Disease

I know it may seem "obvious" to most: DIETARY FAT=HEART DISEASE, right? WRONG. So why do all of us, innately, believe this? This is all due to the work of ONE person and ONE study done in the 50's and 60's. This man was Ancel Keys, and the study was "The Seven Country" Study. Problem is, this study in today's standards (and even back then), was flawed. He excluded all countries and all data that went against his theory... Consequently, "the research of Ancel Keys led not only to poor dietary guidelines which have fooled people for decades, but it also led to the development of the most lucrative class of drugs ever sold in the history of mankind: cholesterol-lowering statin drugs." I'm not t

More on the LCHF Diet: which would you rather eat?

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS for having chosen this path to better your health and using food as YOUR medicine. By reading this blog and keeping updated you will be better informed in order to make more educated choices about your diet and health. As you know, there are many diets and many diet plans. My Challenges, as mentioned, follow the principles of a LCHF (Lower Carb Higher Fat) Diet. As a professional with a few years of experience, I began to go the opposite way of what was my original Base Diet: instead of a Low Fat and Wholegrain Diet, I started looking more into the benefits of an Animal and Fat-rich diet. I have probably done thousands of individual dietary plans over the last

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