Calcium (and lack of it)

This is not as simple a topic as people may think. "Drink more milk" is what you've probably heard and your doctor probably still tells you. Of course there are many reasons why you may not be able to, or may not want to. And everyone knows why you need calcium right? Well, at least most people know you need calcium for healthy teeth and bones (among other things)! This came up today because I went to visit a doctor to tell her about our Intensive Dietary Management Program, and she pretty much made it clear that UNLESS I came up with a list of other foods that had calcium for her osteoporotic and female patients, she would not put them on an LCHF diet (this is what she had an issue with, NO

FASTING (again...)

(I'm on a roll this week) You've probably heard a lot about fasting "lately". That's actually really funny because people have been fasting since the beginning of time, and now that we don't fast (per norm), we are talking about it. Your great-great grandparents fasted FOR SURE. People have always fasted (whether they wanted to or not). In the earlier days, they fasted because they had to, and later because they "wanted to" (or were told they should). At an LCHF conference during Ivor Cummins' lecture (aka The Fat Emperor), he told us that he'd been fasting for almost 3 days and that he always fasted before a big speaking event, for CLARITY. I was dumbfounded. Up until then I had fasted, on

Why people are telling you NOT to go on an LCHF Diet...

I know lots of people that need to go on a diet, but won't. The excuses are varied...some are very honest. But I want to focus on the critics of the Keto diet that very often will discourage well-intentioned people from trying something that might just change their lives. 1. Too Restrictive. I look at the two meals I'll be having today and I wonder what it is it may be lacking or if I will feel like I'm "on a diet". I'll let you be the judge of that. 2. Lack of nutrients. How many people know that eggs have ALMOST every vitamin and mineral we need? It's lacking vitamin C. How many people know that Bell Peppers have three times as much vitamin C as oranges? The next time your friend or doctor

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