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Why I’ve decided to do OMAD

Why I’ve decided to do OMAD

Doctor Nadia Pateguana on her evolving personal approach to fasting

*Please note I wrote this blog post in 2019 for The Fasting Method Newsletter. This was written way before COVID and way before my latest health stint. Overall, I’m now back to about the same place I was health-wise when I wrote this blog, and I still agree with everything I stated here.

Not too long ago, I wrote a note about “Maintenance,” and what that looked like for me.

At the time, I was following a 2mad (two meals a day) approach most of the time. Yes, I did have many OMAD (one meal a day) days here and there, and I did (and still do) make the effort to prep for a three-day EF seasonally. I have been in “maintenance mode” for many years now – five or more, probably, if not more.

So, what does this mean for me?

From a health perspective, I’ve established and maintained a good BMI – but, most importantly, body composition (21% body fat percentage at 42 years old).

My bloodwork is excellent, FBG (fasting blood glucose) range between 70-80 mg/dL (3.9-4.4 mmol/L), A1C <5.0% (4.6% actual), TG/HDL ratio is 0.56 (WOW), my B12, ferritin, Vitamin D and electrolyte levels are spot on, ALT (liver enzyme) is 16 U/L, and my insulin is low at 25 pmol/L (3.4 µIU/ml). My blood pressure is finally consistently normal <120/80.

I could go on and on, and brag about my blood work forever, but you get the picture. But all of this does not, and will not ever, allow me to forget a history of diabetes, obesity, hypertension, infertility, mood concerns, insomnia, cancer and everything else my body has gone through. Nor do I ever want to go back on all those meds. “Lest we forget…”

I know what got me here, and I know what I must do to stay in this good place. I got here by following a Low Carb, Real food and Intermittent Fasting approach – consistently. My fasts were clean, and so were my food choices.

Most of the time, I followed a 2mad approach, as I mentioned, but suddenly I find myself doing a lot more OMAD days. Is this ok? I think that it is, for me at least.

The truth is, I do eat more carbs now. I eat more sweet potatoes, more fruit and some other sources of carbs. But I eat only once a day, so my macro count is probably not all that different.

At the same time, I fast mostly 20- to 24-hours daily now, when I used to fast only 16 to 18 hours. I am not trying to lose weight, obviously. So, again, this is ok for me. I eat more at each meal than I used to, but I don’t have enough appetite for two meals most of the time.

I probably eat fewer calories per day than I used to, but it doesn’t matter, at least not for me, and not for those trying to maintain their weight and hope for longevity (see The Longevity Solution book by Dr. Jason Fung).

I wasn’t trying to follow OMAD. I used to really enjoy 2mad. Although many people often report not being hungry enough for 2mad, I always was. I ate at 10 am and 4 pm and truly enjoyed it. Now, I usually have a great meal at 1 to 2 pm!

My life has changed. I’ve moved countries. I have a lot of social events, even during the week, and many times for lunch. I work evenings many days a week, and so can enjoy lunch with my husband and family. (People in Portugal still go out for lunch, as opposed to eating at their work desk.)

I believe all of this may have contributed to my sudden love for OMAD. I think it feels good and easy because I started doing a lot of it and I got used to it. Will I continue to eat this way forever? I’m not sure – things change, life changes, and I am sure I will adapt accordingly.

Happy fasting and eating everyone!



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