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FASTING (again...)

(I'm on a roll this week)

You've probably heard a lot about fasting "lately". That's actually really funny because people have been fasting since the beginning of time, and now that we don't fast (per norm), we are talking about it.

Your great-great grandparents fasted FOR SURE. People have always fasted (whether they wanted to or not). In the earlier days, they fasted because they had to, and later because they "wanted to" (or were told they should).

At an LCHF conference during Ivor Cummins' lecture (aka The Fat Emperor), he told us that he'd been fasting for almost 3 days and that he always fasted before a big speaking event, for CLARITY. I was dumbfounded. Up until then I had fasted, on "rest" days and I had told my (poor) patients to do the same. That was a game-changer for me. I now fast on my busy days at the IDM clinic. On Fridays I see an average of 13 new patients. Each new consult is 30-45 minutes long. I see patients with Metabolic Syndrome: Fatty Liver, Diabetics, Pre-diabetics, hypertensives, PCOS, Obesity, cardiovascular disease, and the like. I need to be ON. Not to mention, I have no time to eat lol. So it works perfectly! The last thing I need happening is to go eat lunch and come back with a foggy brain, sleepy, and slow...

How do I do it? You can read loads on FASTING from Jason Fung himself on the Intensive Dietary Management blog or in his book, The Obesity Code (note* the Bestseller Flag on Amazon, probably means he is onto something). Good news is that you can pre-order his new book expected to come out October 18, 2016 from

How do I do it? You can read loads on FASTING from Jason Fung himself at

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