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We can Boost our Immune System

🚨 Please note this is by no means meant as “medical advice” or treatment for any illness (hint hint) but rather as lifestyle hacks that we could all use more of.

I will not be mentioning any specific treatments, medications or supplements and I hope that everyone is doing all that we can to keep each other safe (sub in proper medical care and/or following guidelines in your area such as social distancing and wearing of PPE when appropriate).

Lastly, I will not be sharing or partaking in any “political views” or conspiracy theories, just sharing my own personal and professional love and healing vibes.

Without further ado, here are my thoughts on how to boost immunity so that we are all stronger when and if we come down with a “bug”.

At this point, it’s pretty obvious and inevitable that you or someone close to you will “come down with something” during this impending flu season.

Whether or not you choose to get vaccinated, lifestyle cannot be overlooked.

Here are some factors that will have a major impact on how your immune system reacts to (any) infection, and likely determine whether you become asymptomatic, have light symptoms, or God-forbid require hospitalization.

1. AGE

Not much you can do about your BIOLOGICAL AGE but did you know that there’s lots you can do to impact your METABOLIC AGE? Basically, this comes down to your body composition (not necessarily weight). Follow a (real food) diet that helps your body burn more fat together with a proper fitness program to increase your muscle mass. Intermittent Fasting is also great at promoting both of these (you knew that was coming). Proper sleep and stress management can also greatly improve your body composition and thus, metabolic age. People with a metabolic age lower than their actual biological age are healthier because they have a stronger immune system.


Following a real food diet will obviously help to ensure a better nutrient status as real foods are more nutrient dense (richer in vitamins and minerals) than highly processed foods. That’s a no-brainer. But there are specific nutrients that are especially important for a stronger immune system. Vitamin D, Zinc and Vitamin C, for example. Some B vitamins, folic acid, selenium and iron are key. Rather than supplementing with all of these, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of real foods including those with appropriate protein and good fats for proper building of immune components and absorption of (fat-soluble) vitamins. Those deficient in essential vitamins and minerals are wise to follow medical advice and supplementation (eg. Vitamin D and iron).


To some this might sound like advice from your grandmother, but very reputable studies have shown that these 3 pillars of health not only help boost your immune system (for many many scientific reasons) but they also help speed up the healing process and aid in prevention. Prevention, after all, is the best medicine. So go out there, get some sun (preferably in the early morning) and WASH YOUR HANDS!


Take care of your anxiety, depression and other mental ails with proper medical supervision and stay connected to your friends and family (even if virtually).

The link is intricate, but it is certain that depression and stress can have major impacts on your immune system.

Cortisol-lowering techniques such as meditation, prayer, exercise, sleep hygiene, getting a pet (I could go on) are powerful in helping too.


This may go without saying’ve heard it enough in the news lately, those with co-morbidities are at an increased risk. Conditions such as obesity, smoking, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, respiratory ailments, cancer (unfortunately) and some medications and drugs altogether (to name just a few) do lower your immune system. Do what you can to rid of these. Take obesity, heart disease and type 2 diabetes, once though to be chronic and progressive diseases, are now known to be reversible with lifestyle. Not to be repetitive, but a real food diet, LOWER SUGAR and Intermittent fasting can help!

In the light of the current events, many reliable doctors and health enthusiasts are bravely coming out and reminding us of these very practical tools and hacks to improve your immune health. In the midst of so much uncertainty and so much you can’t control, there is so much YOU can do!

Stay safe and healthy everyone!


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