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REAL Food, please!

My kids had a P.A. day and so, we went out for the day. On our way to a Play Place, we stopped for lunch and since I didn't want to take them to a fast-food joint, I decided to take them to a rotisserie chicken place, a "healthier" choice. "Chicken and salad, please". I also asked for some butter and olive oil to improve the quality of our meal as it had protein but not enough fat, for my taste and, my kids' brains. Low and behold, they gave me MARGARINE and VEGETABLE OIL. When I said, "No, I actually wanted BUTTER and OLIVE OIL instead", the lady looked at me, almost offended, and told me they didn't have any of the two...which means everything they cook, season and dress with is made with fake and fake ingredients.

IT'S OFFICIAL: Processed food has replaced REAL food, almost everywhere, even the places that you think are healthy. Keep in mind this was not a "health-food restaurant", so if you are thinking that they gave me margarine and vegetable oil because this is the "HEALTHIER" choice, think again. They gave me margarine and processed polyunsaturated vegetable oil, because it is CHEAPER. As my husband often says, you get what you pay for.

PROCESSED "food" is cheaper than REAL food. Think about this. How did it get to this point? And how is it that we have accepted it? Prof. Noakes, one of the epic drivers for the LCHF diet, often says that we have no time to wait for the Dietary Guidelines and Government to "catch-up", and I agree, we must take charge of our own health and make wise, educated decisions about what we eat and what we feed our children. But...I still ask the question, rather angry, should I have to ask for "REAL food, please"? Shouldn't I just have to say, "Can I have some FOOD, please?".

I can't quite remember who it was (and am frankly too tired to look it up right now, even though I will, later) but one of the LCHF professionals that I follow said in a conference, something to the effect of, we want to take back the word FOOD, and not have to place REAL in front of it. Let the other guys carry the burden of using the adjective PROCESSED or FAKE before whatever product they sell or feed people, I don't even want to call it food anymore. And also, let them get taxed the extra dollars for feeding this ^&*% to us. This has obviously become an economical issue (and many are benefiting FINANCIALLY ), and I am sick and tired of hearing people tell me they can't eat healthier because "it is too expensive", but you know what? They are right! It is more expensive! I'm not ok with this, ARE YOU?

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