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Fertility, PCOS, and the Ketogenic Diet with Dr. Nadia Pateguana

Dr. Nadia Pateguana graduated from The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2004. She believes in the Healing Power of Nature; the body’s ability to heal thyself. With a strong science-based approach, her 4 year program included TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Nutrition, Counselling, and all the other Medical Sciences. ​​ Her focus is FOOD as medicine! She currently works with Dr. Jason Fung and Megan Ramos at the Intensive Dietary Management Program. At the IDM program, they recommend a Low-Carb and Intermittent Fasting approach to help people overcome Insulin Resistance and Metabolic Syndrome conditions such as Obesity, Diabetes, Fatty Liver, PCOS, Hypertension, Dyslipidemia and the like. Her special focus is on helping women with PCOS overcome infertility through dietary modifications. ​​ 01:30 What will a physician look at to diagnose for with PCOS? 02:30 Will physician address your diet and what should you do? 05:00 What are steps to address to PCOS and Metabolic Syndrome? 06:15 How would different types of medicine treat you? 08:00 Stay in or cycle in and out of keto? 08:45 Fasting and how to do it 11:00 One meal a day? 12:00 Who should NOT fast 13:30 All about 17:00 Final “Most Important” tip about eating sugar

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