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How flavoured waters might be trouble...

I'm a big believer in clean fasts (i.e. water only between meals). If you like flavour, GREAT. Add it to your meals! Between meals you should FAST. I am not talking about doing extended fasts, just CLEAN between meals (Extended fasts are appropriate in certain settings, with the right supervision).

A few weeks ago I had a client who DOUBLED her ketones after stopping flavoured sparkling waters (major fat burning mode). When another one of my clients accepted the challenge to try having plain water only between meals, she sent me this email:

" Hi Nadia,

You were right about the flavored seltzers!

After drinking nothing but water yesterday, I tested my glucose first thing this morning and it was 68!!! I couldn’t believe it… I’m going to test again this afternoon when I get home from work, but dang. I thought cutting the seltzer would make a little difference, but not that much! If it was ever low in the mornings, it would be just under 100.

I’m going to continue to test regularly for the next two weeks (until our Thanksgiving trip), and I have a follow up appointment on Thursday the 15th, but I suspect I will have nothing but great news at that time.

Thanks again for all the help!"

Then a couple months ago, USA Today reported on possibly another serious concern with these flavoured products. Our labeling laws are not the best. When the ingredients are listed as "natural and artificial flavours" what the heck does that mean?!? One thing I know for sure, if it is flavoured, IT WILL raise your insulin. Water. That's the way to go, at least in between meals.

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