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Testimonials - Holiday Motivation

For those of you looking for some motivation during these "tempting" times of the year, or simply looking for a New Year's Resolution, I am sharing some of my clients' progress here (with their permission, of course). There are so many to share, it's hard to pick, but you can also get a lot more inspiration from our IDM Testimonials, our Community is growing and you can find out how to join here. For a more in-depth Coaching Program, you can book a consult with me here.


"In April I got my first Dexa scan, 4 months after quitting sugar and flour and one month into IDM program (about 15 pounds down from highest weight). I just got a 6 month follow up and am pretty excited about the results, although horrified to see SO much fat still despite being about 10 lbs away from goal weight. I've gone from 50% body fat to 40% - still a long way from where I'd like to be (25-30%). This is really motivating me to focus more on fasting." Bettina, Ontario, Canada

Bettina Dexa Scans

The picture below is the last Dexa Scan that Bettina did and shared with us, in April 2018. One-year progress report. WOW. It turns out this lifestyle is sustainable and Keto and fasting don't burn muscle after all, they do burn a whole lot of FAT (yellow colour), though!!!


"Thought I would share my progress with the group. I've been part of IDM since February 2017 and down 100lbs!! The change in how I view food today compared to before is drastic. I was a food addict and chronic over eater. I never imagined that fasting could be a part of my daily routine, but after eating a ketogenic diet for a month I began to implement IF. My body seemed to respond very well. My current routine is 16:8 on eating days, and I fast on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I work out 4 days a week, with good energy (in fact my best lifting efforts tend to be in a fasted state).I'm grateful that I have a doctor that supported this program and referred me to it as an alternative to prescribing pills for blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol (I did take Crestor for a short time but no longer do). I also no longer require a CPAP machine.I'm also grateful to Nadia Brito Pateguana for being the supportive leader of my group meetings, always informative and encouraging.As I approach what I think is my ideal weight, I am encouraged by the fact that this program is highly sustainable and adaptive to your specific needs - and I feel in control more than I ever have. My results have influenced family, co-workers, customers, and strangers to adopt this way of eating - LCHF rules!!" Todd, Ontario, Canada

Todd Testimonial


"You asked about NSV (Non-Scale Victory), this is mine. Last night I had the Christmas Party of the company I work for, so, I was busy enough previous weeks so I did not have time to get a dress, yesterday I went to a mall at 5pm (party time was 7pm) and I saw this jumpsuit and I thought this will fit me, so I bought it without trying and guess what fit me, It was perfect and for me is a HUGE Victory." Maria, Panama

Maria testimonial


And who could ever forget our lovely Dolly, her full story was shared on the IDM website just a few months ago, and she continues going strong, proving that Post-Menopausal women with thyroid issues can lose weight and take back their health!


Happy Holidays everyone!!! Prepare, Enjoy and Recover, that's my motto...

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