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Low Carb Denver 2019 - Dr. Nadia Pateguana and Dr. Jason Fung - PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) Lec

Low Carb Denver 2019 - Nadia Pateguana, ND

This last Friday was hands down one of the best days of my professional life, following closely behind the day I opened my first clinic in Mozambique and the day I started working with Megan Ramos and Dr. Jason Fung at

On Friday, March 8, at 10 am (Denver time), Dr. Jason Fung and I did a joint talk on PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) at the Low Carb Denver 2019 Conference. In attendance were some of the best Low Carb Practitioners, Scientists and Enthusiasts, 800+ of them. A LOT OF PEOPLE. By far the largest Low Carb conference to date. This was my third time attending this specific conference, first time speaking there, and last year there were around 200-250 people. Talk about exponential growth.

I don't know that I have too many words to explain what it was like, only the feelings of enthusiasm, nervous anxiety, pride and immense gratitude for being part of such an amazing team at, gratitude for my mentors Megan Ramos and Dr. Jason Fung, and the organizers Dr. Jeffry Gerber and Dr. Rod Tayler for inviting me, and the humility to know that I was preceded and followed by speakers of enormous prestige and caliber, whom I call GIANTS. If you are interested in looking at the list of speakers at this event, have a look at their bios and pictures here.

Lastly, if you missed the event and would like to go back and watch all the lecture, here it is.

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