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My Favourite Fasting Schedule

My favourite fasting schedule

For best results, Dr. Nadia Pateguana prefers 2x48h IF

TFM’s recommendation for weight loss is widely known as the ADF (Alternate Day Fasting) Regimen. Most often our clients are instructed and taught to follow a 3×24/36/42 Intermittent Fasting Schedule when they are looking to lose weight. Most do very well and as such this has become our “Gold Standard.”

Other common fasting schedules include the daily 16/8 and the famous “OMAD” (One meal a day). IDM has numerous resources on all of these and information on why ADF might be more successful for weight loss than these last two.

A few people also enjoy and do some EF (Extended Fasts) for weight loss purposes. This is less common and often must be properly supervised for safety reasons. Dr. Fung mentions in some of his blogs that longer fasts, although have the potential for more results, are a double-edged sword.

There are also more concerns associated. More isn’t necessarily better.

My very favourite fasting schedule for weight loss is a 2x48h IF. Much less common and possibly more intimidating. Forty-eight hours of fasting? Two whole days without eating? Twice in a week? Let’s compare the 2x48h IF to our most common 3x42h IF. I have found that most people that can do a 3x42h, can do a 2×48 and actually find it easier and more socially flexible.

Why? First, if you can make it to lunch on the second day of a fast, it is very likely you can fast a little longer until dinner (most people will report that they are not really that hungry, but they eat because it is “time” to break their fast). Secondly, during a 3x42h you are likely fasting all day Monday, Wednesday and Friday (nomad= no meal a day).

When you are doing a 2x48h, you fast all day only Monday and Thursday.

That’s only two days of a full fast, as opposed to three. The other days, you eat 2mad (two meals a day) on Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday, and omad (one meal a day) on Tuesday and Friday. It might be convenient to eat a later meal on Fridays sometimes, as this can often be a social day. This is why the 2x48h is my favourite fast for weight loss. It allows for flexibility.

The best part is that you do not have to choose one or the other. One week you can do 3×42 and the following week 2x48h and alternate as you see fit.

2x48h per week

Monday nomad Tuesday omad (48h) Wednesday 2mad Thursday nomad Friday omad (The second 48h) Saturday 2mad Sunday 2mad

Read the full TFM article here:

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