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Plating and Mindful Eating

Plating and Mindful Eating

“Plating” is a word I didn’t make up, but I think I made up a new definition for it.

To me, “Plating” means bringing all the foods you want to eat onto your plate, or the table around your plate, and only starting to eat when you are sitting in front of that same plate.

You do not eat as you are cooking. You do not eat as you are walking around. You don’t graze. You don’t eat in your car. You don’t eat while you are working or watching TV, or doing anything else.

You only eat when you are sitting, in an eating area, in front of the plate you’ve decided you’re going to eat from – and you eat as many of the foods that you have brought together as you feel like until you’re satiated.

That’s what I call “Plating” (and not the act of professional food presentation, as the above beautiful picture illustrates, or the act of plating metals with silver and gold, lol).

You can see how my type of “plating” is important for mindful eating. It obviously eliminates mindless eating on the go, and it also eliminates grazing, which is particularly important for TRE (Time Restricted Eating), Intermittent Fasting and lowering insulin (which is our common main goal).

Plating, as I think of it, will eliminate grazing as well as snacking. If you make the decision “to plate” and only eat when you are “plating” then you will only have full, rich satisfying meals.

I think this has had the biggest impact on my entire journey and what has kept me consistent. This coming from someone who has never had a real, full meal in my entire life until I was well into my thirties. So, remember: How you eat is truly more important than what you eat.

Read the full article in TFM below:

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