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Celebrating non-scale victories!

Celebrating non-scale victories!

Tuesday Tip

Dr. Nadia Pateguana considers NSV (non-scale victories) when it comes to Low Carb and IF.

Acronyms, for many are a pet-peeve (as there are many to learn and always more showing up). But, NSV (non-scale victory) seems to be everyone’s favourite!

Even when that darn scale doesn’t seem to reflect your efforts and how good you feel, you’ll likely discover a new NSV every single day of your IF and Real Food journey.


  • fewer meds

  • better blood work (blood sugars, lipids, etc.)

  • improved blood pressure

  • improved digestion/food intolerances

  • reduction asthma/seasonal allergies

  • better mood

  • higher libido

  • less pain and inflammation (arthritis improved)

  • migraines reduced

  • more energy

  • better body composition (less body fat, higher lean-tissue muscle and bone)

  • more time to do other things

  • cheaper grocery shopping

  • better skin

  • improved fertility (“miracle” babies)

  • more regular menstruation

  • less PMS

  • new clothes

  • better sleep/improvement sleep apnea

  • better organs (no more fatty liver!)

  • being able to do things you couldn’t before, like going on amusement park rides, fitting in a single airplane seat, rock climbing, going for a walk, competing in a race, wearing your wedding ring again, getting into and out of a chair, etc.

  • wearing clothes you would never think of before (for some it’s wearing jeans…)

  • crossing your legs!

For most of us, the list goes on and on.

So, if the scale isn’t being your friend, "throw it out", as Megan says, and make a daily list of all your NSVs to keep you motivated and congratulate yourself every step of the way!

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