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Algarve, July 2016

You know it's been a busy summer when ...the last time I wrote a blog post was June 22, 2016. My best intention is to write a relevant blog every week or so. So let me tell you what's been going on this summer and what to expect in the months to come, so stay posted!

I started this summer on a family trip to Portugal. Amazing...Lisbon is full of life. It definitely lives up to its recent recognition as the Soul City of the world. So during this 14 day trip, we had more than a few house parties, the "Portugal wins the Euro party", a wedding, a baptism, a 90th birthday party (go Grandma!), and a week-long beach vacation in a house sharing meals with 20 (or more) other people. Not to mention the Gin & Tonic craze that Portugal and the rest of Europe seem to be going through. You can get all kinds of different gins with all kinds of spices and flavours added. I always thought I didn't like gin...

Vilamoura, July 2016

So how did our LCHF and recent Keto diet survive Portugal? For the most part, just fine. I would say that with the exception of the gins (which fortunately I cannot have more than one, and with tons of ice lasts me about 3 hours, lol, pathetic, I know!). The whole time we were in Lisbon I had no issues. Being in a house with 20 odd people in the Algarve, a whole bunch of kids and a few 20-something year-olds...all sharing the same meals...not so much. Needless to say I did my best. I still gained some weight and I was actually craving my bulletproof coffees and other staple foods the whole time.

The funny thing was I lost all the weight as soon as I got back and it just came off naturally. So being keto-adapted is an amazing thing and I will talk all about that in a later post. I would say that in a couple of weeks I was back to my regular weight and I've even lost a bit. Keto is a whole other ball park and I would like to explain to you all the health benefits that have convinced me to run on ketones in a later post.

Low Carb USA 2016

Two days after I touched down on Canadian soil, I was back on a plane to San Diego for the annual Low Carb Usa Convention. Professionally this is the equivalent of you being in IT and getting to hear Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerburg, or being in business and listening to Richard Branson, Bill Gates, you get the picture...LIVE and THEN getting to meet all of them and talk to them like peers... Mind-blowing. To spice it up, I was invited to work with one of them, Dr. Jason Fung, in the Intensive Dietary Management Program that he created in Toronto for Diabetics, and people with Obesity, PCOS, Fatty Liver and other Metabolic Diseases. Dr. Fung is the world's leading authority on Intermittent Fasting & LCHF (I have no qualms stating this), he is a published Nephrologist (Kidney Specialist) and author. I will also post on this amazing program later.

Dr. Jason Fung, Low Carb USA 2016

So for now, I am busy shadowing this amazing team at the IDM Program and still seeing my own patients, who I am so very proud of for all their personal achievements and health improvements. Stay posted as you will soon be getting lots of juicy stuff from me!

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